Your time is invaluable to the pursuit of our Mission. Without our incredible volunteers, we would not be able to offer the breadth of programming and artist opportunities that we do.

Contact Us today if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Mountain Artists Guild Volunteer.


  1. Like and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  1. Share your own art and tag us in your posts on social media.
  2. Contact a local artist or art teacher and inform them about the Guild.
  3. Invite elected officials, school board members, city council, or the mayor to attend Guild events.
  4. Inquire on how you can help with Guild fundraisers, events, art programs, and more.


Interested in hosting a private fundraiser or peer-to-peer campaign on behalf of the Guild? We will support you and give you the resources to do so. Contact our Executive Director at director@mountainartistsguild.org to learn more about Fundraising Opportunities.


We thank everyone who generously donates their time in support of the Guild! Please take a moment to complete a Volunteer Hours Log, and bring it to the Guild during gallery hours or email to director@mountainartistsguild.org.
Thank you!


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