Sandy Applegate loves to paint and explore, with color, design, texture, ideas, creativity.

Her colors are bold, exciting and vibrant. You will not find one idea repeated over and over in her art. Sandy says “The world is full of too many images to not try a little of everything possible!” She likes to call her style ‘reality with a twist’, because no matter how realistic she paints, there has to be a bit of abstraction, impressionism, mystery or other-worldliness thrown into the mix. (Even though many of her landscapes are inspired by the Colorado Rocky Mountains). “It’s best to involve the viewers mind a bit, and let their imagination create part of the image. Interaction!” There are plenty of metaphysical ideas running around in her ORB series, and even amongst her Ravens and Blackbirds. So, feel free to look, ponder and day-dream a bit while viewing her paintings.


Artist Profile

Sandy Applegate