There is a nervousness and excitement to facing a blank canvas and putting the first mark on it. Then to have the skill to be able to end up with a successful and meaningful painting is so satisfying. I use any available item to create my paintings from the traditional brush, pallet knives, rags, or items from the hardware store, and even fingers, whatever tools help drive my vision from mind to canvas.

Painting at night is what I prefer so that I have total concentration and dedication to the subject without the interruptions of life. I paint in both oils and watercolors, whichever medium will best convey the subject and meaning of the painting. I always paint what speaks to me emotionally and try to portray that emotion to the person viewing my painting. For example, if I’m painting a stream surrounded by trees, the feeling of peace and contentment is what I hope people are able to come away with.

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Niki Simonson