I’ve always loved producing art in many different forms throughout my life but digital photography brings instant satisfaction.  I could clearly define my style if I went with solely black and white or just color but I find it difficult to confine myself that way.  Color brings vibrancy unifying the pieces of a composition creating picturesque images.  Conversely the absence of color can draw attention to detail and pure light.  I present my images and then let my audience do the judging.

Photography is my key to happiness, my way of losing myself in this crazy world. It inspires me. It motivates me. I love doing it. it. I am self taught. Presently I live in Northern California on an incredible piece of land in a sacred home of my own creation where I create my art. I am also a hobby breeder of English Golden Retrievers. I usually have at least four adult Golden’s living at home at any given time not to mention a litter of puppies most years. I also have my two horses who I love to trail ride.

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Johanna Danehy