Artistically, I am a late-bloomer; I began exploring my innate painting skill at age 65 (about ten years ago).  Ever since I have tried to surprise myself with how I can capture the beauty that inspires me. I have realized the results are best when I do not inhibit my artistic nudges. The result, people tell me, is a distinctive brightly-colored highly-imaginative creation.

I call my medium “Watercolor etc”, meaning most of it is watercolor, but I will use whatever colorful tools I can get my hands on to create the effect I am seeking.  To date, I have painted over 600 pieces, 27 of which have won awards in contests in my previous home of North County San Diego. In 2021 I served as President of a local artist association there.  Now I am affiliating with the wonderful artists here in the Prescott area (moved here in March 2022) and hoping to serve where I best fit.

My wife Linda and I have been married 52 years and we have two grown sons with families of their own. We lived in Oregon for most of our adult lives. Also, we lived in Albania from 2005-2012. We’ve been to over 30 countries in our lifetimes.  I am active in Kiwanis and Heights Church here in Prescott. My earlier careers were in communications with the US Forest Service and as a teacher (6th grade) in Oregon as well as in Albania.



Artist Profile

Jerry Mason