Arizona artist Chris Sommerfelt discovered watercolor at an adult evening class in the early 1980s in Wisconsin where she lived until 2019. Chris has studied watercolor with Bridget Austin, Win Jones, Joye Moon, Tom Francesconi, Sharon Crosbie, Ann Miotke, and Alice Struck. All of these artists have influenced Chris along her artistic journey, and she thanks them.

I am a watercolor artist because I believe no medium works better than watercolor for expressing the beauty of the natural world. Its transparency and the way that pigment mixes and moves in the water that gives the medium its own voice in addition to the intent of the artist. Nature is my primary subject matter, be it a landscape, wildflowers, or an intimate close-up of something in nature. It is from nature that my creative energy flows. My hope is that viewers of my art feel my connection to nature when they see my art.


Artist Profile

Chris Sommerfelt