Carol Chelette Miller is a fiber artist and fashion designer from north central Arizona, far from her childhood home in northwestern Pennsylvania. Growing up on a farm that produced Concord grapes and housed 10,000 chickens, Carol found that her early life of hard work instilled in her the satisfaction of a job completed and well done.

In spare moments, however, there was always something creative generated by the family treadle Singer sewing machine such as the Barbie doll clothes Carol and her three sisters designed and sold. As she entered the business world, Carol designed a wardrobe for herself. To refine her skills, she did alterations during the day at a bridal salon while attending school at night, earning a degree in Fashion Design from Phoenix College in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thus began her career of visualizing and creating original patterns and clothing. Her collections evolved to include fiber art inspired by her childhood roots in needlework and quilting. Striving for excellence, she went beyond the traditional quilter, adding designer details to her work. A beading technique class taught by Nancy Eha at Houston Quiltfest gave her the inspiration to incorporate embellishments in her already unique pieces.

Original beading in her quilts and fashions and her attention to detail are some of the many nuances that separate Carol’s designs and fiber art pieces, true originals, from the norm.


Artist Profile

Carol Chelette Miller