Emphasizing on Edges and Abstraction to Spark Your Oil Painting

With Richard Rodriguez

This workshop is intended to help you gain new information about edges and abstract shapes (marks) in your paintings. They can be a live spark that generates enthusiasm and motivation through the simple act of creating them.
Edges in art and painting are some of the most important aspects in an artist’s work. It may not seem obvious at first, but edges are what help to create seamless transitions in a painting. They are what bring depth, softness, hardness and everything in between.
The type of marks you choose to create make up the building blocks of your artwork. A variety of marks adds interest to your work and helps the viewer’s eye move around the surface. This encourages the viewer to engage in your work and become emotionally connected.
Part of the journey of becoming an artist is finding the tools, materials, preferred surface, marks and subject matter that represent you and what you wish to express. Join me and participate in learning new information that can help you produce your signature style.

Please bring lunch and snack with you for both days of class.

  • VisitRichard Rodriguez Fine Art and Southwest Art Magazine to learn more about Richard.

  • Date – March 23rd & 24th, 2024
  • Time – 9 am – 4 pm
  • Location – Mountain Artists Guild, 228 N. Alarcon, Main Floor, Prescott, AZ 86301

  • Cost – $180 (members) and $200 (non-members) which includes both days

  • Registration – Use the buttons below or register in person at Mountain Artists Guild

  • Note – You MUST be registered and paid to hold your seat in the class

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Learn more about the mountain artists guild by subscribing to our email list